CYBERSPACE, 16 March 2008, THE launch of GadgetSpots. net heralds a new
approach to collaborative online ad networking. GadgetSpots. net is a free
membership based ad network that distributes advertising “gadget spots” on
“gadgets” that are installed on the entire network of member’s websites.

GadgetSpots. net is the first online advertising network to share ad
displays amongst its members on different levels. The basic version is
totally free to join and participate.

Network members collaborate by displaying gadgets on their websites that
display categorized ads. Unlike other ad networks, GadgetSpots. net members
do not bid for position or gain bonus ad displays based on the amount of ad
displays their own websites generate. Ad displays are distributed to members
relative to the membership they hold. Free members share 25% of network ad
displays and subscribed members share 75% of network ad displays.

A major benefit to GadgetSpots. net members is the 2-tier affiliate program
structure built into the system – referring members can earn monthly
recurring commissions for the subscribed memberships they refer from the
links displayed at all times with their referral in their displayed

Bill Burdin, CEO of Websitings, the company behind GadgetSpots. net added,
“The affiliate referral structure is is an innovative addition for members,
and to the best of my knowledge, there is no other ad network that offers
any such a feature to its publishers.”

GadgetSpots are already actively displaying “gadgets”, with word having
already started to spread through online communities, blogs and websites and
it is expected to quickly reach 1 Million daily ad displays for its members.

“On current results, and average of more than 1 million daily “gadget spot”
impressions will be reached within days, and 10 million ad displays daily is
anticipated within the first month”, Mr. B urdin added.

The GadgetSpots. net launch represents the first stage of many planned
projects together forming a much wider GadgetSpots Network.

For More Information See www.GadgetSpots. net or email Bill Burdin on