Non generic domain names and domain names with keyword phrases are best parked with a company where you can adjust and manipulate your keywords that are special to your niche.

In general, many domain parking services are only now slowly adopting these measures. The best place to park your non generic domains are of course going to be where & who can deliver high paying advertisers for your niche. Not every parking service has the same set of advertisers, and you as a parked domain owner are considered a “sub publisher*.

For this reason it is important to know which domain parking service will pay best for your keywords, this always being done by a categorized niche.

I will try and coin a phrase here… in parallel to “domain tasting” I am going the phrase “Keyword Tasting” if it hasn`t yet been done before. “Keyword Tasting” is the art of maximizing a domain whether it be through domain parking revenue, or a small mini-site. Based on an internet domain name, the keyword or keyword phrase used as a basis for type in traffic and or through other search engine optimization values.

Through comparisons using different timed slots, niches, and domain parking services you will see where you will benefit and maximize your profits with your domains.

Not every parking service can serve the “best advertisers” paying the highest ppc per niche, for your domain name niche.  Experiment, track, compare and maximize your domains potential earning profit.