Singular keywords and keyword phrases are an important part of every web page you publish on the internet for feeding search engine spiders with food. Recent trend has seen keyword phrases becoming more and more popular with search engine results in page ranking. Two word keyword phrases and three word keyword phrases have become essential search algorithms for Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live search results most recently for expanded search engine results for the average surfer without using browser filters.

Increases in search engine traffic through keyword phrase searches have increased tremendously due to the education of internet surfers. Early day search results were unavailable for multiple string searches often resulting in “Nothing Found Here” messages and the today version of a 404 page. Researching your own targeted keywords is an integral part of every search engine smörgåsbord, and often small tricks like targetting obscure keywords can be most rewarding. Non generic eyword phrases for your website subject should always be imaginative as well as spider friendly in terms of “sought after terms”.

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