Submitting RSS feeds is an excellent way to promote your website, content or links in your post without people even visiting it. Many readers fetch the feed into their reader, web service or desktop application. This way you can get unexpected traffic to your blog without people even visiting your website.

Here are some of the sites along with the Page Rank where you should try submitting your feeds

Pluck PR8
Feed Burner PR8
Sphere PR8
Yahoo PR7
Topix PR7
Blog Digger PR7
Blog Catalog PR7
Blog Pulse PR7
Rocket Info PR7
Newstin PR6
Newsmob PR6
Genecast PR6
Press Radar PR6
Rub Hub PR6
Feed Cat PR5
RSS Micro PR5
Syndic8 PR5
Blogarama PR5

Those websites have big communities connected to them and the power to push your affiliate marketing into an unexpected new level. Ever dreamed getting affiliate sales without people even having to visit your site? Well, RSS submissions can make your dream come true.