My offer of help for webmasters out there wanting to know about and learn internet marketing, cheap seo, and other website marketing tips n tricks… no attitudes here or “there”

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Does it cost alot? no, not at all

Really?.. then what? a smile, a recip link, longterm friendship, and no bullshit.

Are you really serious? yes

Can I ask anything? yes

Do you have the answer for everything? No, I do not but generally speaking what I know can be applied to every website and niche.

Why do you do this for free? I am writing a book, “Affiliate Webmaster Marketing”.. paper with a hard cover… I will use some excerpts from our conversation. You will always be “quoted” as “webmaster” asks this or “webmaster” replies to this.

I think I know more than you… Great, send me an email and we can discuss about how much your information is worth to share here with my readers. I have an open budget…

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