Struggling to get your mainstream site noticed by the search engines?
Getting link trades is not so difficult as you may think.

Here is an approach that I use daily and it works well.
Find relevant sites that are in your particular category and contact the site owner or webmaster with an informative, short letter like this.

Hello Webmaster/Site Owner:

I am the owner/webmaster of [url][/url] and have a partners links page at [url][/url].

I am emailing to politely ask if you were interested in trading links with my website. I would be very happy to reciprocate your link quickly, adding your website name/anchor, your website description, and possibly your website’s logo or banner to my sites top links page.

If you are interested or not, I would like to thank you in advance for your time regardless of a trade.
Please respond to this email if we can trade links.

Thanks, and I look forward to trading links with you!

Webmaster Your Name