Submitting your website url to the search engine spiders is the most important ingredient for your search engine optimization recipe. Many webmasters tend to forget that most big search engines like Google , Yahoo & MSN  will not bite the hand that feeds them food.

Website submission, rss feed submissions and submitting your media content to the 3 aboved named traffic resources  is necessary to gain a place within the rank and file of search engine results. Although most webmasters make an effort to submit their url`s through 3rd party url submission resources and submission scripts, there is never a guarantee that your website will be indexed within the search engines, and or the the se spiders may even pass you right.

Like the old saying goes, you can lead the horse to water but you can`t make him drink is very true in this scenario of optimizing your website and getting listed.  Checking your website statistics like AW STATS, will show you which robots and spiders are feeding on your websites content, whether it be text or your media content. If you do not see visits from Googlebot, Yahoo Slurp, or MSN Live, then you need to realize that your website is not getting the attention it really needs.

The top three search engines on the internet today Google, Yahoo and MSN Live are an integral part of gaining traffic based on your websites content.  Below are the direct links to submit your content and are highly recommended search engines to start submitting to.



MSN Live